For writers, artists, and non-artists

What you’ll learn

  • Draw and design fantasy maps as a beginner artist (or non-artist).
  • Properly size and set up your work for print in books, posters, or websites.
  • Create a vintage style map
  • Create a sepia tone style map.
  • Build a fictional world by creating a rotatable globe.
  • Draw compass roses, keys, borders, and scales.
  • Use Photoshop
  • Install brushes in Photoshop
  • Install fonts in Photoshop


  • No drawing experience necessary.
  • No Photoshop experience necessary.
  • If Photoshop is not available, then proficiency in other software is recommended.
  • Be creative!


In this course you will be learning my industry trade secrets and techniques for drawing maps. With over 150+ plus perfect reviews on my service illustrating maps for books, film, movies, games, (and even weddings), I am ready to impart what I know about this challenging craft in an easy-to-learn series.

For non-artists and artists alike!
If you don’t consider yourself to be art-savvy but still want to create maps, no problem! My course provides brush packs and assets that will eliminate the need to be a proficient artist in order to create professional looking maps.

Course Content
In this course we will be drawing, coastlines, water, mountains, forests, and we’ll also go over how to draw:
-compass roses, keys/legends, Scales, and border designs.

We will also create a fictional world map, and converting it into an exportable 3D globe using Maptoglobe!

This includes:
-2 Course-included brush packs
-A Paper texture
-1 Pattern Fill
-The source file (.PSD) used in the series
– A basic rundown of Photoshop so you can get started with little to no experience.

For Writers
As a fantasy author myself, I have a bit of knowledge creating worlds in the fantasy landscape. As a fantasy author who has drawn hundreds of fantasy maps for other writers, I know the cliche’s and common pitfalls. I also know what looks good, and what falls flat. This course is mixed with my advice, as a writer to you, on what to do, and what to avoid when designing your map and fictional world.

Recommended Tools
(Though not required) A drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop is recommended for this course. The techniques I teach will be demonstrated in the Photoshop program, not all drawing software may include the tools necessary to replicate what is shown.

Who this course is for:

  • Non-artists
  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Lore Masters
  • DND Dungeon Masters
  • Writers