Javascript For People In a Hurry: Project-Based Flash Course Free Download

Learn Javascript Today From Beginner to Advanced by Completing a Challenging Real-Life Project

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Javascript quickly and effictively from beginner to advanced
  • Learn through practice – complete our project from conception to completion
  • Understand the principles of Javascript: Data Types, Conditionals, Loops & Functions
  • Learn all the fundamentals of Javascript and the most useful methods
  • Finish the course with real-life Javascript skills


  • It is recommended that students have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS


Javascript is the most used programming language in the world. After almost 30 years since the first release, its popularity continues to spread as the community grows and more robust frameworks are launched frequently.

Learning Javascript will open a brand new world of opportunities for you. Whether you need to learn Javascript for an ongoing project, to apply for a job, or simply because you want it now, here you will find all the resources you need.

This course is also a great choice for businesses as a web development training resource.

Our Project-Based Approach

This course was designed for people with fast-paced lives, that don’t have time to waste. In the very first lesson, you will be presented with a project you will build from start to finish.

This project has multiple Javascript components that will enable you to learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced Javascript concepts while you build them.

Here’s a summary of these components:

• The popular animated mobile menu, that opens and closes with a slide effect.

• A real-time weather information section, with data retrieved from The Weather Map API.

• A temperature conversion switch

• A local-time clock that runs on the page.

• An image gallery with thumbnails.

• A product section populated from a JSON object.

• A product filter that showcases free, paid, or all products.

All The Fundamentals of Javascript Covered

Although this is a fast project-based course, we made sure to cover all the fundamentals of Javascript.

While you get the thrill of solving challenging Javascript problems within the project, you will learn all these topics in detail:

• Javascript Syntax

• Code Organization & Best Practices

• The Document Object Model (DOM)

• HTML & CSS Manipulation

• Events

• Variables

• Data Types

• Functions

• Conditionals

• Loops

• Date & Time

• Geolocation

• How to Work With External APIs

• HTTP Requests & the Fetch Method

• Error Handling

• ES6+ Functions

This Is Your Opportunity

This course offers a certificate of completion, lifetime access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a risk-free opportunity for you to learn Javascript today!

About the Instructor

This course is ministered by Ivan Loureço Gomes, a top-rated Udemy instructor, famous for his easy-to-follow and hands-on teaching style. Ivan has 8 years of professional experience in IT areas, such as web design, front-end web development, software testing, agile methodologies, project management, and team building.

With 18 courses published in 4 languages. he knows how to deliver the best and most engaging content for students.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking to learn Javascript fast for an ongoing project
  • Beginner developers looking to learn Javascript to start a new job
  • Any person willing to learn Javascript in a short time

Download Javascript For People In a Hurry: Project-Based Flash Course free from below

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