WhatsApp API and Node JS Chatbot Send and receive messages Free Download

WhatsApp Cloud API | Meta | | Node JS | Postman | Web App

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the APIs available by WhatsApp Cloud
  • Use WhatsApp Cloud APIs from Postman
  • Understand the structure of each message type
  • Create an application with Node js
  • Publish your application in the cloud
  • Integrate a Node js application with WhatsApp Cloud
  • Create a user-bot interaction use case


  • Programming Basics


Send and receive messages with WhatsApp Api and Node js

Welcome to this course, where you will learn to consume the WhatsApp Cloud Api services, without the need to connect to a third party.

You will understand each of the services to send and receive messages of different types such as: Image, audio, video, document, sticker, buttons, list of options and map locations.

We will create an application in Node js, using good programming practices, we will publish our application in the cloud, we will create a webhook to validate and receive messages directly from WhatsApp.

At the end we will create a real use case of user interaction with the developed application that will take the role of a chatbot.

WhatsApp Business Cloud API

This course will help you use the WhatsApp Business Platform, which is intended for people who develop on their own or for their organization. All developers must follow the WhatsApp Commerce Policy.

If you want to send and receive a first message with a test number from the Meta platform, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Configure developer assets and platform access
  2. Send a test message
  3. Configure a webhook
  4. Receive a test message

In addition to that, we will create our application in node js to integrate it with the WhatsApp platform.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers

Download WhatsApp API and Node JS Chatbot Send and receive messages course free from below

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